Guitarist, singer and songwriter Pete Kavanaugh has been making music in the Twin Cities and surrounding area for over 35 years. He has worked with a wide range of artists including the World Beat group Kairos and G.B. Leighton, playing on his debut record "One Time One Life". He also was featured in the 7th Annual Blues Master of Guitar series.

Now based on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Pete's music was reviewed by John Ziegler of Duluth News Tribune:

"For decades, the Twin Cities has been loaded with outstanding Blues talent. Impressive musicians and bands abound at countless tiny hole-in-the-wall clubs and bars. Thus, it's not unusual to come across a wonderful talent that you're completely unaware of, even if they've been on the scene for a while. For me, Pete Kavanaugh is one of those discoveries. His disc "Very Messy" displays his guitar prowess. He's not trying to be another shredding, Blues-Rock monster. He's adding subtleties and unpredictable nuances to a genre that is all too often content to regurgitate the same components and rest on it's collective laurels that of being the music at the core of virtually all American popular music."

Twin Cities Blues News called Pete "Powerful and expressive"

Pete is truly adept in all guitar styles. Playing solo acoustic shows that range from gut bucket Blues to sweet ballads and then on the next night will play with his trio "The Pete K Group" and knock out three hours of raw, gritty Blues Rock.

His record "Very Messy" feature 15 original songs that not only show the wide range of his guitar and vocal styles, but his abilities as a songwriter. He will continue to be dedicated to his music as it is not something he does, it is who is as a person.


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